Awakening & Revival

11 Jun: “God is Birthing Something New that You Didn’t See Coming”

Recently, I’ve been consumed by a recurring theme. The Lord keeps speaking to me about how we are in a moment in time where He is DECOMMISSIONING and COMMISSIONING the people of God. There has been such an increase in angelic activity to both decloak the old mantle of the Body of Christ and cloak it with the new, as well as distribute a fresh UNCTION, OIL, FIRE and FUEL to run forward.

31 May: Burning Hearts: The Full Realization of God’s Presence

We all struggle with doubt. Never is that clearer to us than during periods of heavenly silence. Those times when we feel that God is so far away and our prayers feel futile. These usually occur after we have had a ‘mountain top experience.’ – when we get back to reality and no longer feel the euphoria we did when we were in His presence. We have a bad habit of looking for those emotions to carry us. We have the kindling of the power of Christ still in us – our burning hearts. But we can allow even that to vanish; then all we have left are stories.

09 Apr: Hundreds Of People Gather To Worship God In Public At A Shopping Mall!

Have you ever been able to worship God in public? Watch hundreds of people gathering to encounter the Lord in a busy shopping mall in the Philippines recently and be inspired to be more bold in your faith.

Worship at the Mall
Victory Alabang is a church in Muntinlupa City which invited their congregation to gather to worship God in public at the Water Garden Festival Mall one Sunday evening. The powerful worship was captured on video and uploaded to Facebook by a member of the church, Marc Chaves.Even the upper levels of the mall were filled with worshippers! It is such a powerful thing to see a crowd this size not ashamed to worship God in public.