Prayer & Spiritual Warfare


06 Aug: Are Your Prayers Actually Limiting God’s Power in Your Life?

Throughout history, there have been many revivals or times of God manifesting His power and presence among mankind. These times and seasons of God’s glory have been for the purpose of bringing forth His plans on the earth. Every time, without fail, as God prepares for one of these outpourings, there first comes a cry of the Spirit from heaven. Even now, as this generation is rapidly approaching its destiny—the greatest move of God this planet has ever seen or experienced—the cry of God’s Spirit is going forth once again.


06 Aug: Praying Effective Bloodline Prayers for Transforming Results

It is our experience that a few requirements need to be fulfilled so that we can successfully receive the redemption for our bloodline. The following points are things that are regularly presented in the courts of heaven by the accuser. In case we do not meet the requirements, the entire process comes to a halt. Consequently, God cannot release a verdict on our behalf, even though He desires to do so.


01 Aug: 10 Ways God’s Love for Women Is Seen in the Bible

No word or name in Scripture is ever wasted. Every verse, chapter and book is God-breathed and “useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”. (2 Timothy 3:16-17). That is why the Bible is the best source for learning more about God’s love for women.

Scripture was written in a time when women were more possessions than treasures. Yet, in Scripture we find Jesus crushing the societal norms and treating women with honor, respect and love. Women are so important to Jesus that it was two women who first witnessed evidence of His resurrection.

The women of Scripture are the first examples of how God sees us and loves us as women. Do you long to know more of what Scripture demonstrates about God’s view of women?